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One Day Garage Floor Coating - Getting Ready

A one-day garage floor coating offers a quick alternative to the lengthy application times of traditional concrete coating services. To achieve a fast and smooth installation, proper planning is essential. From choosing the style to incorporating safety features, having a clear plan will streamline the process. As a professional concrete coating company, we provide the necessary steps for a successful one-day garage coating. This article outlines the preparations you need to make before your garage floor coating service.

Moving Items Off The Floor

Before the garage floor coating service begins, you must clear all items from the floor. This includes vehicles and storage containers, which need to be moved out of the garage. For many homeowners, moving tools and equipment can be challenging, as garage spaces often become cluttered over time.

Planning The Design

Selecting the design of your garage floor coating is an important step before application. Various options are available to complement your space. At Pegasus Coating, we offer the following choices:

- Chip System

- Quartz System

- Solid Color Epoxy

- Solid Color Polyurea

Once you've chosen your preferred floor coating type, you can plan the project accordingly. With a clear plan, we can complete the coating within 24 hours.

Choosing Additional Safety Features

Garages often endure heavy foot traffic and rigorous use, making safety a priority. To enhance the safety of your garage, consider adding specific safety features to your floor coating. Installers can integrate options like non-slip textures, which help reduce the risk of slips and falls. Adding these features not only improves safety but also increases the value of your space.

Request a Free Garage Floor Coating Estimate Today

Pegasus Coating is a leading concrete coating installer offering one-day garage coatings for immediate results. Our highly trained team can complete your floor coating in just 1 day. Contact us today to request a free quote. Call us at 863-226-9720 to speak with one of our experts or fill out the online quote request form at

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